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Pretty Much Nomads creates content in Czech and English for tech companies. By working remotely, we manage to keep minimum costs and maximum engagement.

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Are you struggling with marketing? Not sure how to promote your digital product? Then we are the right fit.

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Our team

Meet some of the remote experts who are at your service.


CEO & Founder

Marketing and UX specialist responsible for many brands, strategies, and sales materials for software companies. Do you want people to know about your product? Let her know.


CTO & Founder

As a senior full-stack developer, Petr is our main source of technological knowledge. Thanks to him, we don’t bother you with too many tech questions. In his spare time, he mentors Czech software startups.



What should your clients do on your website? Understand your product or fill out the contact form? Monika creates texts that will lead your customers to the right place, and you’ll discover that people like to read.


Virtual assistant

Day-to-day operations, customer support, and marketing/background research. Klara does this best, and she makes our lives easier in the process.


Digital marketing specialist

To evaluate the objectives, we need to link creativity with data. Martin does this because he knows how to write a catchy text and read data from all kinds of analytical tools.


English proofreader & Copywriter

Cole eliminates any typos and grammar crimes. Thanks to him, our texts get to the client smoothly and in impeccable shape.



Soňa can write about almost anything, but her specialty is technology. She knows how to grasp technical topics for both professional and lay audiences. She looks at online presence from a broader UX and web design perspective, helping customers easily navigate the web and find the necessary information.



Katerina knows that up to 90% of our purchasing decisions happen in the subconscious and that this doesn’t just apply to B2C. That’s why she loves brand, and is passionate about applying its psychology to projects of tech companies.



Petr has been immersed in the marketing industry for over 15 years. He is a staunch advocate for service design principles, and his greatest joy comes from helping clients develop ideas that benefit both their businesses and customers. His areas of expertise include Content & Brand strategy, Copywriting, and UX.



Katka’s writing preference leans towards texts that inspire, educate, and add value. Her managerial experience has taught her to tackle complex problems, so you can rely on receiving your order with quality and punctuality.


UX/UI designers, social media specialists, copywriters

Our team is flexible, and we always find the right match for your project, depending on your overall objectives.
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