AI Prompting

AI Prompting

AI-Powered Copywriting? Welcome to the Future.

Pretty Much Nomads is one of the first agencies in the Czech Republic to use AI and incorporate artificial intelligence into their workflow. We are currently paying for and testing several tools to make our work as efficient as possible.

Why Involve AI in Copywriting?

Technological Advances

We write mainly for IT companies, so we likeincorporating innovative tools into our processes. That’s why we’re always one step ahead.


We can generate the basics of text in minutes using the right prompts, and then we edit and tweak.

Better Quality

With fast drafting, we have much more time for final editing, content strategy, and more expert activities.


Combining human creativity with AI insights produces great deliverables in a fraction of the time.

Our AI-enhanced services

Product descriptions that sell

Irresistible cold emails

Networking posts with an impact

Engaging blog articles

Authentic customer reviews

In-depth competitor analysis

How exactly do we use AI?

The best tools, use cases, specific practical examples – this is what our CEO Vladana Bačová presented at the international conference WebExpo. Watch the recording.

AI is the future of copywriting

We firmly believe that AI-driven text generation will revolutionize the copywriting field. Join us on this exciting journey!
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