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We most often help B2B technology companies, as most of our experience is in this field. Do you offer hardware, software, or infrastructure in the Czech or foreign market? Are you gearing up to launch a new, innovative solution? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Hourly rates

Copywriting and UX Writing (ENG/CZ)

1200 CZK / hour excluding VAT

Strategy and consulting

2400 CZK / hour excluding VAT


Help with recruiting an internal marketer/copywriter
3000 CZK exluding VAT
Are you looking for a content marketer to join your team, but don’t have anyone to assess their expertise and experience? We’ll help you choose the most suitable candidate, or recommend the necessary education for them.

✓  Participation in 1 interview, asking and evaluating professional questions
✓  Feedback on 1 completed assignment
✓  Recommendations for recruitment or further education

Content consultation for B2B companies
6000 CZK exluding VAT
Not sure where or what kind of content to create? Let’s go over it together. We’ll help you release the brakes and set off in the right direction. Before our consultation, we’ll send you a questionnaire that we’ll use to customise our online meeting.

✓  2 hours of consultation on topics and the use of marketing channels
✓  How to find out what your clients are interested in and where they exist
✓  How to measure what works and when to reevaluate
✓  How to avoid the most common mistakes

Landing page in English or Czech
18.000 CZK excluding VAT
Do you need a microsite, a one-pager for a specific campaign, partnership, or validation for a new product or service? We’ll prepare the structure and text in the necessary language so that it corresponds to the goals we’ve set.

✓  Introduction call and questions
✓  Researching the provided documents
✓  Studying competitor sites for inspiration
✓  First draft of page texts for commenting
✓  Finishing the texts in their final form
✓  Proofreading

Creating a communication style
48.000 CZK excluding VAT
Are you at a crossroads, or just starting out and don’t know where to start? We will help you define your communication style, target group, and sales arguments. You’ll walk away with a unified direction for your business, marketing, and presentation.

✓  4 h workshop on brand and customer recognition
✓  Researching the provided documents
✓  Interviews with 5 representatives of the target group
✓  Creation of 1 persona / target group
✓  Creation of lean canvas
✓  Definition of sales arguments, USPs
✓  Concept presentation

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