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How content marketing saves your employees time

Content marketing = website, blog, and social media? But it’d be a shame to stop there! Discover where quality content is best suited and how it will help both potential clients and your employees.

Challenge accepted: make communicating with clients easier

We’re always coming up with interesting tasks that we, as copywriters, use to make clients’, employees’, and company owners’ lives easier. What exactly are they? Well, that depends… Either way, the goal of this kind of content isn’t directly to sell but to save. Continue reading and we’ll show you a few examples.

Our approach and solution

Repetition is… a nuisance

When dealing with clients, some situations repeat themselves, even more so in services and technologies. Emails, offers, always the same customer support inquiries… Are you or your employees spending way too much time constantly drafting responses to the same questions, or explaining your processes again and again? Before you keel over from exhaustion, entrust this job to a copywriter.

What if you had the materials close at hand, that you can simply send out, or quickly copy the answers you need from? You got it – we speak with employees, read through client messages, and write everything so that it makes sense to your target group. Feel free to then reuse the resulting content thousands of times. Now that’s a major time-saver.

In this same way, we also put thought into the best place to display any given information. Generally speaking, all repeated questions, such as who your current clients are, what sort of reviews you have from them, which projects you successfully finished, and whether or not you have any certifications, are answered by the actual website. For instance, you can add a nice homepage banner with your clients’ logos, a section with various case studies, and display your certification’s icon in the footer.

On the other hand, don’t feel like your website has to explain absolutely everything. We’ll take any generally-oriented pages and create an editable product PDF that your sales reps can send to new clients after initial contact. And the benefits? You’re sending custom-made materials that meet the given client’s needs; they’ll be delighted to see the header featuring their company’s logo as well as the contact information of the representative they already know. Plus, they’ll find the solution to their specific problem, and they can easily print off the PDF and pass it along. These are a bunch of small items that, when rolled into one, work great to promote your staying power.

We most often create the following texts for companies’ internal needs:

  • email templates
  • FAQ answers (or chatbots)
  • informational documents
  • instructions and Help Centres
  • surveys
  • commercial proposals
  • missing website sections
Real-world example: When creating a new website for a client, we worked on several product pages (landing pages). Later, we received a request from their sales team to make single-page product PDFs that they could send via email or simply print out and take to meetings. Luckily for us, this job wasn’t too difficult because all we had to do was edit the already polished landing pages into the single-page PDF format and ensure everything was in its place, even after being printed.

Can you SEE the problem?

We often run into situations where the customers don’t fully understand some part of a service, application, or tool. Before you invest in (expensive) developer edits or changes to the service, stop for a moment and ask yourself if intelligible content could fix the issue. Maybe all you need is instructions, an infographic, or text alterations in your app.

Because of their expertise, company employees have a hard time putting themselves in the shoes of the layman. They live and breathe by their service, working with it every day, meaning they can’t understand how it doesn’t make sense to the client. Unless you’re dealing with an actual error, a copywriter can make for an excellent intermediary between the business and the client.

Real-world example: One of our clients kept receiving the same client criticism in their satisfaction questionnaire. We gathered information about this area, rewrote their emails, created a new webpage that used text and infographics to explain everything, and left links to it in their emails, orders, and services. By the second completed questionnaire, we received zero negative feedback on this topic.

Forms, a man’s best friend

Are you still receiving information from clients via email? Then consider obtaining the same data thanks to a form. Whether you opt for Google Forms or a fillable PDF, both are easy for customers to use, and you gain the information in a structured and more manageable format.

We can also help you to create these forms (including practical examples of how the answers could look). For instance, we’ve put together satisfaction questionnaires whose evaluations helped improve companies’ services, as well as forms that allow sales reps to quickly learn everything they need to prepare a price quote for a potential client.

Don’t just earn, save

A copywriter’s job isn’t only to write product texts for blogs, websites, and networks. They often simplify the work of sales teams and customer support lines. That’s because less routine work equals more time to do what’s important, and they bring tangible added value. Don’t burden your employees with writing texts – by working with content specialists, you save time AND nerves.

Tired of wasting time and money?

Then write to us, and we can quickly create a functioning blog for you, too.

Let us promote your product

Stop worrying about your marketing. If you would like to see what we can do for you, leave us a message. We’ll promptly get in touch and get the ball moving.

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