Keep an eye on each other – just in case.


Patrall is a mobile app. You simply download it, invite your friends and family, and start taking care of each other.


People usually realize a person is missing after 36 hours. That may be too late. With Patrall you will know immediately if something is wrong.


A trip to the jungle? Late-night partying? A blind date? Let your loved ones know what you are up to. If anything happens, they will be able to help.


Lost a phone? Dead battery? No internet? If you are in trouble, Patrall sends your last known location to your guardians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now we are testing our MVP with beta users. Also, there is a need for some funding 🙂 But once we have it live, we will let you know! Just subscribe to the form below!

At the moment, Patrall is meant for iOS only – but if you are interested in it and have an Android phone, just let us know via our contact form! If there is a demand, we will make it happen for Android as well.

We were in Vietnam when the coronavirus started to spread. After receiving dozens of calls from family and friends, we realized that they wouldn’t know if anything happened to us. That’s why we started to work on Patrall – right there, on a Vietnamese beach.

We are looking for a handy Android Developer and Graphic and UX/UI Designer. Interested in the project? Apply via our contact form!

Patrall is an app in the making. Want to be the first to know when it’s live?
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Our Thoughts

It would be great to let my parents know what I am up to. They can be calm even if I am on the other side of the world. Thanks to Patrall, they don't need to worry.
vladana bacova
CMO & Co-founder
Patrall is an app we wished we’d had. So we decided to make it happen. Keep close people even closer and make sure that no one is left behind.
CTO & Co-founder

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